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Taxi Transfer – The Best Way of Traveling from Zadar to Novalja

Novalja, a small town on the island of Pag, is a place to be if you decide to have a trip to Croatia and one of the most popular destinations for a vacation filled with parties and great beach time, with the famous Zrće beach nearby. If you are coming by plane and need a transfer from Zadar airport to Novalja, or you are staying somewhere else before the visit to Novalja, then getting there can be somewhat challenging as it is probably summer time.

Throughout the summer, roads are crammed with cars of both tourists and locals, buses, bikers and cyclists so finding an easy and fast way to reach your desired destination is not simple, but taxi transfers may be the right answer. Luckily, taxi services available in Zadar region allow you to reach Novalja or any other popular destinations in the cheapest and shortest manner, directly from your starting point, whether you need transfer from Zadar airport or from any other location, a town, other airports or ferry ports.

Taxi services have very affordable prices and make the traveling easy so if your plane has just landed and you need a ride to Novalja all you have to do is book the transfer service and the driver will pick you up in no time. Booking transfer is easy as it can be done either by phone, directly on the spot (if you are at the airport) or you can make the booking through a website and enjoy an easy way through the traffic on Croatian roads. 

Getting directly from point A to B is not the only advantage taxi transfer is also a very comfortable way of traveling when on a holiday, and if you are going with your family then using taxi service is the best choice to get carefree from Zadar airport to Novalja. If you need to reach ferry or drive to another town, modern taxi vehicles will provide you with safe trip and save your time as using taxi service is the shortest transfer you can make.

If you want to reach other beaches or towns that are away from Novalja, taxi transfer is also the most recommended way of traveling. Croatia offers great opportunities for one day excursions, and visiting its capital Zagreb is just one of them. There also numerous other interesting destinations, national parks, old towns, beautiful beaches and islands and getting there by taxi is certainly a good decision, and although it may be considered a bit of luxury, cheap prices make the private transfer an affordable option.

And lastly, you can completely relax and know that you are safe during the transfer, as every taxi vehicle in Croatia is either practically brand new or a few years old since the owners of transfer services pay much attention to the condition of their vehicles and they make sure they meet all required safety criteria. Therefore, whether you are traveling from Zadar to Novalja or somewhere else in Croatia, using taxi transfer will get you there in the shortest and most comfortable way possible. 

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  • Available 24/7
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  • Free Wi-Fi in our vehicles
  • Excursions to national parks at the best prices
  • Vans up to 8 passengers
  • Book transfer over 10 km long and up to 6 months in advance
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