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Destinations - Novalja

The oldest place on the island of Pag today is also its leader in tourism, a small and modern town with famous Zrće beach, Croatian Ibiza, nearby that offers top entertainment, parties and festivals that attract more and more tourists each year, and Taxi service Jadera will get you there safe and fast, whether you need taxi transfer from Zadar to Novalja or to any other destination. But Zrće isn't the only attraction in Novalja. As the place itself dates back to Roman times, the visitors have an opportunity to see the remains of an underground water supply line that had been carved in stone by hand more than two thousand years ago, and alongside all the pleasures that this small town has to offer, the tourists can also enjoy local fiestas, exhibitions and great gastronomy, together with great beaches and crisp clean sea which are easy to reach with comfortable vehicles of Taxi service Jadera. There is an interesting location nearby, with so-called "Pag triangle", a land formation in the shape of a regular triangle that draws attention of many curious visitors since its origin has not been fully explained yet. Taxi service Jadera is your trustworthy partner for your transport.

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